Love triumphs against it all

Johannesburg – It’s cupid arrows, happiness, and love winning against all odds as Malome Vector ushers us into the month of love with the most famous anthem fused with his own lyrics and an Afro-pop twist. This is Malome Vector’s third single titled ‘Nobody’ inspired by an old struggle song of the same title. Malome Vector serves this offering on Friday, 29 January 2021.

‘Nobody’ is about love winning against all odds. In this song, Malome Vector stands by the girl he loves despite all talks of discouragement by friends and family. Sang in Sesotho, the three minutes thirty-five seconds song starts off with soft notes and progresses to a chant song that accommodates every family member from young to old. In the song, Malome Vector sings about sending his uncles for lobola negotiations regardless of people saying he is not enough for the girl he loves.

‘Nobody’ is fit for road trips, weddings, parties, and soccer matches. It brings people together with the intention of lifting spirits and to make people forget about problems, especially now with the world facing a deadly pandemic.

This single is set to take many people down memory lane, as it is known to be chanted at rallies, football stadiums, and school trips. Malome Vector included some original elements of the song, like the famous “Ayabayaba” to make the fans fall in love with it even more.

‘Nobody’ follows Malome Vector’s ‘Follow’ and ‘Dumelang’ released in 2020. The two singles did well, from topping charts to being on radio stations and receiving love on YouTube.

As a bonus, Malome Vector also releases a music video that complements the lyrics. It is a ‘Love conquers all’ romantic story that will touch hearts. Shot at a mountainous location, the video shows a humble young man from the village falling in love with a girl people believe to be out of his league. Regardless of people saying he is not enough for her, she also stands by him and their love. The storyline of the music video will have many nodding as they are reminded of their own love, and the lyrics have them travelling way back in time.

Malome Vector who is nominated at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2021, highly believes that people will love the new offering and that it will become one of the biggest songs to be released in 2021.

#Nobody is out on itunes. Click on the link: